We're NUTS for Football!

Cold suds, parking lot parties and your favorite BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks can only mean one thing: It’s football season!

New BEER NUTS® Cantina Mix Launched

Good. For. You.

Researchers have known for years that frequent nut consumption is good for a person’s overall health. We suspect you’ve known for a while, too, and we’re not just saying it because nuts are what we do. Go ahead, we’ll wait while you look it up....

New Beer Bottle Bag Packaging

It’s not you, it’s us. Yeah, we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but shaking things up every now and again can be exhilarating.

Sarah Silverman digs her Lid!

Sarah Silverman is teaming up with HULU for a talk show in which she travels across the United States and interviews people for their perspectives on America. The show is called, “I Love You, America.”